Brijmohan Sagarmal Capital Services Pvt Ltd
SEBI Membership ID: INZ000188431
CIN No.: U67120MH1998PTC116954

B S Securities
SEBI Membership ID: INZ000198021

Shri Brijmohan Sagarmal Agarwal was active in stock exchange from 1957 and has been director of Bombay Stock Exchange for 12 years. Shri Brijmohan Sagarmal Agarwal was member of Stock Exchange, Mumbai since 24th October, 1972.

Shri Santkumar B. Agarwal is having experience in the stock market for more than 35 years. Shri Sharad B. Agarwal also has experience for last 30 years. We have good individual and corporate clients as well as Institutional clients mainly for LIC. Our directors also have a partnership company viz. M/s. B.S. Securities which is a member of National Stock Exchange since April 1996 and has good individual and corporate clients. Our office is in the main stock exchange building i.e. heart of the Stock Exchange Tower and also one branch office in Mumbai. The Company, Brijmohan Sagarmal Capital Services Pvt Ltd. is incorporated at Mumbai state Maharashtra on 26th October, 1998 vide Registration No 11 – 116954 of 1998.

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